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Tax Services

Tax Return Services

Let us take the stress out of filing your tax return. We will prepare your tax return quickly, affordably and accurately. If you have just gotten married, are a new immigrant or have been working on a commission basis, our Tax Professionals are trained to handle any and all situations, whether they are simple or complicated. We pride ourselves on our diverse customer base, and have designed our personal tax services to ensure that the needs of each of our clients are met. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the best tax results possible.

Drop Off Service

In a Rush – No Need to wait – just drop off your tax information for prompt and convenient service. We will have your tax package ready for you upon your return.

Free Tax Checkup

Are you sure you got it right? At Alfa Tax Return Services we applaud the efforts of individuals who chose to prepare their own tax returns. Unfortunately, tax laws are constantly changing and this makes it difficult for individual tax filers to be 100% certain that their returns are prepared accurately.

We provide "Free Tax Check-up". This allows individuals who have prepared their own tax returns to bring them in to us for a free analysis.


Have You Received A Request For Additional Information From the Canada Revenue Agency?

Don’t Worry! We are here to help!

Every year the Canada Revenue Agency randomly selects returns for a pre/post-assessment review. This does not mean that something is wrong with your return. It is usually a simple request for supporting documents to verify the credits or deductions you have claimed.


If you find any income slips or deduction receipts after your tax return has been filed, simply bring it we will gladly file an adjustment for you.

It is imperative that any adjustment is made as soon as possible as the Canada Revenue Agency does not allow carry over of income slips from year to year, and there are strict deadlines on the use of certain deduction receipts.